New look for technology company

A rebrand does not just involve changing a company’s logo. It can, and should, involve a range of updates that, together, convey a fresh message and a positive impression of your company.
New look for technology company

When a company decides on a rebrand it should ask itself a number of key questions: why are we doing this? What problems do we think we need to solve? Has the business landscape changed in a way that is affecting our sales and growth? What is the ultimate goal of this rebrand – evolutionary (one step of a journey) or revolutionary (a complete change)? Does the solution we settle on have longevity or is it just a stopgap?

When St Neots-based technology company, CWL Systems, decided it was time for a rebrand, they approached us to redesign their logo. They felt their existing logo had grown tired and dated and no longer conveyed the fresh innovative impression they wished to present.

Our solution was to update the typeface, freshen the colours and introduce the strapline ‘managing technology’.

And in keeping with the principles of rebranding, this new design was then followed through into their corporate literature and incorporated into their existing website.