Providing brand prominence and recognition

In the world of savvy consumers, packaging and labels need to be eye catching so they stand out on the shelf. They also need to be able to communicate the benefits of a product and create that all important ‘buy in’ factor.
Providing brand prominence and recognition

There is a lot involved in creating packaging; there is a science behind how both the retailer and consumer will use the pack. It’s not just the size and shape but its performance, ergonomic handling, logistics, cost and even recycling capability.

Then to top that there needs to be a lot of thought about how the label provides brand prominence and recognition. The optimum size and shape of label to fit the pack is critical too. Whilst ensuring that the product itself remains visible, with an ability to convey quality and position the product in terms of superiority.

At Fine Design, we adopt a step by step approach, creating mind maps of how all the pack and label features interact and their relative importance. We will go as far as creating a range of design ideas to fuel that element of thinking outside the box and providing our clients with food for thought.

Using Domino Printing, we created label mock ups so they could showcase the flexibility of the Domino 610i printer to their customers – most of these will never go to market, but what they provide is a selection of concepts to help Domino showcase their printers capabilities to their clients.