Keep guests, couriers and employees safe

Keep guests, couriers and employees safe

Use the Standard Sanitiser Unit in reception areas, corridors and main walkways, at the entrance to canteens, kitchen areas, toilets and position near doorways. The unit comprises a reusable sanitiser unit and disposable glove dispenser to encourage employees to sanitise hands regularly and stay safe.

• Comes with A4 updatable poster frame
• One shelf area to brand or communicate messaging
• Frame colour comes in white as standard.
• Approximate dimensions: overall height 1400mm and base 500mm.

You could fix your poster or ask us the design and print one using Easy Dot vinyl.

Easy Dot Vinyl is easily removable & multi-positionable. No experience is needed to install. This makes it easy to change your message once hopefully, this corvid 19 crisis is behind us.

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