Is it time for a new website design?

Communicating your Brand, Product and Service
Is it time for a new website design?

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Your businesses website is often the first exposure a customer has with your brand. It is a 24-7 salesperson; it reflects your brand, product and service. It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools your company can have.

So needless to say, nothing reflects worse on a brand than a static and archaic website. Are you questioning whether it’s time for a new design for your company’s website? If you haven’t revisited your website strategy in the last few years, you could be missing out on some great sales opportunities.

Retaining and gaining customers

Communicating your brand, products and services


Optimising performance and integrating with other channels

Gathering analytics and improve your Google page rank

Even if you’ve addressed these areas in the past, technologies and platforms keep changing. In the UK, we spend 2 hours a day on our smartphones online. If you haven’t updated your website in a while, the chances are you may be driving mobile customers away.  

Your website design is one of the main factors in deciding the credibility of a business. An unattractive site that is difficult to navigate can make your business look unprofessional and out of touch with modern buyers and will cause a searcher to get the wrong impression of your business. Fine Design Ltd offers creative guidance and will help you with the marketing challenges ahead, contact us now.