Awareness campaign

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Awareness campaign

Creating promotional material for an awareness campaign

We created this campaign for a local charity-based organisation Cambridgeshire Acre Community Action and Middle Level Commissioners. We designed and printed promotional material for the campaign, including A5 leaflets, beer mats and fridge magnets.

Floating Pennywort can become a problem on waterways from late summer to early autumn. If left unmanaged, it can form extensive floating mats causing significant issues for wildlife, waterway users and drainage infrastructure. You can find it on the margins/banks as a smaller/ flatter plant during the winter. Anyone walking or working near waterways that “Spot It” are asked to “Stop It” by reporting sightings to a Conservation Officer.

If left, Floating Pennywort shuts out light and oxygen, slowing the water flow, making waterways uninhabitable for most aquatic life and unusable for communities.