Evolve your brand…

People trust familiarity but love fresh and new
Evolve your brand…

Repeat business is about building relationships and working together with our clients to get results.

Knowles are already an established and well-recognised brand dating back to 1932. We initially rebranded Knowles Transport back in 2013. Although successful, in 2021, they came back to us looking to tweak some brand elements to work together across all forms of media. When a brand is already well recognised as Knowles is, it is always a challenge to know where to start, especially when employees and clients begin to question “why change?”

We worked with the client to put some completely new designs together and some with minor changes. We looked at font changes to the logo but came back to the original font in the end. We dropped the strap-line for a cleaner look and made subtle changes to the emblem. We also dropped the stripe on the trailers. The client wanted to do this when we initially rebranded them in 2013 but at the time felt it needed to stay to give some continuity from their old brand.

The rebrand was rolled out across the fleet, together with development for a new website emphasising recruitment. A monthly recruitment ad campaign looking for HGV, forklift truck drivers and warehouse operatives on social media was also created by the Fine Design team to increase the workforce needed to grow new business.


‘After deciding to tweak our branding, we explained our thinking to Fine Design, who quickly came up with some great ideas for achieving this. After working through these with them, we finalised the new branding, which Fine Design then aided us with displaying across the multitude of required formats. The feedback we have had from stakeholders has been fantastic, and we thank Fine Design for helping us to continue to evolve our brand.’

Alex Knowles