Why is your
brand important?

Your business perception is generated by consumers and clients. It could be good or bad, but why not take control of your reputation from the beginning?...

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Branding is the perception of your business to the outside world and your employees. What you create provides familiarity, reassurance, and attachment to distinguish you from your competitors. It is critical to your business because of the overall impact it makes.

Create a brand with a personality

Creating a brand with personality allows your customers to relate to your values and are more likely to want to do business with you. Buying a branded product or service may feel meaningful to the consumer. You may wish to be environmentally friendly or send a more personal message about a family run business. This can build a relationship and emotion with the customer that will then feel attached to your brand.

Develop brand trust

Establishing a practical position with the brand that delivers on its promise will build trust. Having a brand that builds on that trust provides a better perception and can make you stand out from your competitor in a crowded marketplace.

Build employee happiness

You’re not just a brand to consumers. A usually overlooked part of branding is creating an inner culture that can influence decisions made by consumers. By building a culture to match a brand, employees become happy which in turn will attract better talent and repeat business. Your team are the first line of communication with your brand to the consumer. Simply, an employee that has a strong association with your brand will interact better with their clients.

Generate new customers

Just like having a reputation as a person, your brand will have a reputation in the market. Having a strong favourable reputation will pass on the perception of your business through word of mouth. Having a positive perception in their mind will make them more likely to purchase.

People don’t just purchase a product or a service they purchase a brand, an emotion, a reputation of themselves or an idea that will improve their life

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    Why is your brand important?

    Brand Identity

    Your business perception is generated by consumers and clients. It could be good or bad, but why not take control of your reputation from the beginning?

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    Evolve your brand…

    Brand Identity

    Repeat business is about building relationships and working together with our clients to get results.

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    Brand Identity

    Fine Design ltd has been working with Whiting & Partners since 2009, providing them with our graphic design and web development services. Recently they asked us to help them modernise their brand and create a more straightforward new logo alongside their new name and legal status. We started with the design of the logo, literature,…

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    An evolving worldwide brand

    Brand Identity

    The main aim of this campaign was to raise awareness of Tozer Seeds’ extensive product range. We achieved this by improving the overall customer experience on their website. For any business, a website plays a crucial role in connecting with your target market. With this in mind, it’s vital that your site is responsive, easy…

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    A new look for nutri-bio

    Brand Identity

    We also included a bespoke calculator for farmers and those working within agricultural landscapes to calculate the savings that could be made from Bio-solids. To maximise exposure opportunities, we also created zoom tents, cafe barriers, flags, PVC banners, Popup stands, inflatable tents, Thunder double sided roller units, literature racks, and iPad stands – everything Nutri Bio needed to promote themselves at conferences and networking events….

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    Anglian Water “Slug It Out” campaign

    Brand Identity

    Slugs are one of the most devastating pests faced by UK farmers – without effective control, large amounts of wheat and oilseed rape would be severely damaged. Slug It Out is aimed at reducing the levels of the most commonly used chemical in slug pesticides – metaldehyde – in the water supply. Although harmless to humans,…

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    New look for technology company

    Brand Identity

    When a company decides on a rebrand it should ask itself a number of key questions: why are we doing this? What problems do we think we need to solve? Has the business landscape changed in a way that is affecting our sales and growth? What is the ultimate goal of this rebrand – evolutionary (one…