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Bespoke Stands

Clearly exhibitors need to ensure they provide sufficient appeal to attract visitors to their stands and pavilions. Taking into consideration a striking visual effect that will encourage potential visitors to step in and take a closer look.

Anglian Water ~ Fenland Connections

When Anglian Water approached us to come up with an exhibition idea for use at the Business Connect event, there was the added challenge of a very short turn around. Undeterred, we set about coming up with a plan that was both unusual, inviting and fit for a Royal visitor.

Custom wall graphics allow you to display your brand as large as your imagination allows. A powerful statement or an image gets the attention and drives your message home. From cut vinyl wall stickers to large format custom wallpaper, we will provide you with a print and professional installation service. Let your imagination run wild.

With a definite need for creativity, in the way that companies promote their products and services, as well as reinforcing brand values, we are constantly searching for new and innovative ways that we can help our clients present themselves in the most eye-catching, yet professional way.

This event was all about sharing, learning and building powerful networks and with 1,000 people gathering, as well as HRH Prince Charles, The Big Connect provided an excellent opportunity for Anglian Water to showcase how they have been working in the community, driving a range of social initiatives that really matter to those who live and work in the area. There was a big story to tell; the design had to represent a depiction of life in the Fens, highlighting the individual challenges and advantages that this community faces, whilst showing how Anglian Water has approached these issues.
The main stand was built from three popup stands with added TV. The people graphics were bespoke cut out of 10mm Foamboard, with bespoke built sign post and vegetable boxes completing the display.

Bespoke Stands

Industrial Inkjet - Label Expo, Brussels

The Industrial Inkjet exhibition stand at Label Expo, Brussels, stands as a testament to the transformative power of inkjet technology in the industrial printing sector. Dominating the expo floor with its commanding presence, this stand showcases the cutting-edge advancements in inkjet printing machinery and solutions tailored for industrial applications. From high-speed label printers to precision coding and marking systems, the exhibition offers visitors a comprehensive look into the capabilities and versatility of industrial inkjet printing.

Fine Design were thrilled to create the bespoke stand for Industrial Inkjet. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on functionality, our team crafted a space that seamlessly integrates innovation and sophistication. Inspired by the advancements in inkjet technology, our design aimed to create an immersive experience for visitors.

Bespoke Stands

Produce World ~ Vegetable Tractor

There are hundreds of exhibitions taking place every week, appealing to companies in every sector and focusing on a vast array of subjects. The exhibitors who attend are always looking for a new angle and ways to upstage their competitors.

Gone are the days of a low tech display consisting of little more than a few posters. Now visitors expect to see stylish pop up banners and flashy display boards, supported with electronic gizmos and technological wizardry.

We designed installed this at the Harrogate Potato Event, the walls were printed on rollable Correx with fixings to fit the Shell Scheme, the tractor was built out of MDF with vinyl covering and real potatoes, carrots, leeks and cauliflower headlights, which caused a great attraction on the day. It has been used several times since at various farming events throughout the country.

Bespoke Stands
Bespoke Stands
Bespoke Stands
Bespoke Stands